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Using technology to
ship with less waste

A Full Truckload Carrier, optimizing operations and network planning to deliver rate stability, low shipping cost and incredible service.



We actively look for inefficiencies and ask ‘why.’

We reject the status quo in favor of solutions that might exist due to new people, new technologies or new situations.

Do the
right thing

Do the right thing by our team, our customers and the motoring public.  

For the Rollzi team, 'Doing the Right Thing' starts with our hiring and compensation practices. We look for a smart, diverse team, offer equity & inclusion and make daily decisions that support our people.

Take the
Long View

There is always an opportunity to optimize for now, but trading off short term gains for long term success takes thoughtfulness and discipline. Chasing rates, rejecting customer loads in favor of the spot market, save preventative maintenance for later are all examples of optimizing for short term gains. At Rollzi we ask, “what will bring us the most success two years from now?”

Building our reputation with our customers means high service rates. Well maintained vehicles, accepting shipments when it might benefit the shipper more than the carrier, building over-communication into our technology and our culture are all part of having our eye on long-term success.  

For our employees this value goes even deeper. Paying for people’s time, all of it. Removing obstacles with great well maintained tools, whether the tool is a 53 foot trailer, or routing software.

Act with

It’s always easier when everyone knows what is happening, what were the circumstances and decisions that led to what is happening and what we are doing next.

Employees are managed by team goals as an output. Instead of a checklist of what to do and how to do it, we hire the best people that figure out new ways to reach goals. This is only possible when everyone is aware of the goal & why it was set.

We know that even bad news is only made worse when it’s not clearly communicated, so we keep lines of communication open on every load with our customers.  


Moving goods by truck has never been a clean process, in a global economy there is no substitute for trucks connecting communities. As we connect people to the goods they need it is our responsibility to stay accountable to our promise of caring for our environment.Our service area strategy, route planning and equipment selection are all part of our efforts to reduce pollutants to our air and water.

We are a recognized SmartWay Certified Carrier
An Efficient FleetWe focus on using the latest data available to build our fleet. Long life, low maintenance & low fuel consumption to maximize the planet's resources. SmartWay and NACFE guidance for existing and emerging technologies guide our decision-making of the adoption of equipment and devices.
The primary categories we consider are
Tractor Aerodynamics
Trailer Aerodynamics
● Low Rolling Resistance Wide Base Tires
● Auto/Engine start stop for HVAC
● High Efficiency Engine Oil
● Tractor Gap Reducer
● Predictive Cruise Control
● Shift to Neutral
● Real time data collection & Driver coaching
● Light Paint color (Solar Heat Absorption)
● Electric APU
● Automatic Transmissions
● Preventative maintenance
● MX-13 engines


At Rollzi we operate late model trucks and fifty three foot dry-van trailers so that your product arrives on-time and intact.

Our routes include Washington State, Oregon and California. As well as routes out of Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Illionois
Rollzi is not a “You Call We Haul” carrier, we know our lanes, we know our customers and we know their customers. Because of our extreme intention on the loads we accept we can offer the highest quality of service, at low stable rates.

When market rates spike due to a market imbalance, you don’t have to worry that Rollzi will leave you to fend for yourself. Our model is based on stability and service, not chasing the highest rate per mile.
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